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Five goals.


We will develop and deliver solutions, tools and recommendations to build skills for Industry 5.0, targeting management, workers, future talent and job seekers.


For each target group, we will examine their specific role in making the industrial transformation more ‘socio-centric’ and ‘human-centric’.


We will translate these skill requirements into new standards for knowledge, monitoring continuous changes and ultimately reducing existing skills gaps.


From this skills transformation perspective, we will develop evidence-based approaches to change in education, the labour market and in companies


Outcomes will be co-created with several large industrial companies and SME networks, resulting in a digitally supported platform for Industry 5.0 stakeholders.

What will Bridges 5.0 deliver?

  • A better understanding of the digital labour market through AI-driven data collection.

  • An Industry 5.0 Standard for knowledge, capabilities and aptitude.
  • Learning and Teaching Factory experiments, helping companies reach Industry 5.0
  • An evidence-based approach to organisation, educational and labour market change.
  • Actionable recommendations for policymakers and other stakeholders.
  • A new Industry 5.0 platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, ideation and learning.