As Steven mentions in his Introduction to this Newsletter, we all need to be engaged in raising the profile of BRIDGES 5.0 and actively engaging external stakeholders. You can see the full set of dissemination activities and publications here on SharePointplease keep it updated regularly!

There are three immediate ways you can help:

Publicise the project on your website. You can find some good examples at

Have we missed yours? Please let us know!

Use Twitter and LinkedIn with the hashtag #Bridges5_0

Share our ‘Brochure’ and ‘The Central Message’ documents both available on FTL here.

Published by the Bridges 5.0 Consortium

The Consortium has been busy! You can download the following publications from SharePoint (directory – deliverables):

  • Knowledge and Data Management Plan: how we make sure that we create safe and FAIR data,
  • Dissemination and Exploitation Plan: how we plan to make sure that Bridges 5.0 has external impact,
  • Internal guidance Plan: this is a must for the whole consortium. This describes the data used and what tasks we are undertaking to achieve our results. This guidance report will be updated, so follow this report!
  • SAB, CB and SB update: here you find the discussions with our scientific advisory board, company board, stakeholder board,
  • Ethical requirements: again, a must for anyone doing research in the Consortium. This report indicates the do’s and don’ts for ethically responsible research.

All of these reports will be updated (M3, M6, M18 etc). We will make sure that only the latest versions are available on SharePoint.

Scientific publications

Cirillo, V. (2023). The adoption of digital technologies: investment, skills, work organisation. Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 2023. Key result: “Among the notable results of the paper, labour flexibility does not seem to favour new technology adoption, whereas second-level collective bargaining plays a positive role in the process.”

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