Recordings of our latest webinars


28th June 2024

Speaker: Aurora Rossi, IndustriAll Europe

This webinar focused on the workers’ view on Industry 5.0. Industry 5.0 represents a significant shift from the automation-focused Industry 4.0 to a model that prioritises human-centric approaches. IndustriAll Europe underscores the importance of the ‘human-in-command’ principle, which places human workers at the centre of any industrial process and technological applications. This principle is crucial in preventing job displacement and the intensification of work, common risks associated with digital transformation. Digital technologies should augment human labour, protecting workers from fatigue and maintaining their autonomy and skills. The transition to Industry 5.0 offers an opportunity to embed social aspects at the core of industrial policies, that will ensure that workers are at the centre of the digital and green transition.

31st May 2024

Speaker: Chris Land, Anglia Ruskin University

This webinar considers what it means to put the human at the heart of Industry 5.0 and why it has been so hard to move innovation beyond the 19th century paradigm of techno-centrism. Realising the strategic advantages of Industry 5.0 requires organizations to understand what makes work human, and what is distinctively human about work: skill and skilful practice. As well as making work meaningful, skilful practice can be a powerful source of innovation but too often managers misrecognise skill, undervaluing employees. Realising the benefits of Industry 5.0 will require an ‘upskilling’ of management to move beyond an efficiency paradigm to recognise, reward and develop the skills that matter strategically today.

26th April 2024

Speakers: Halvor Holtskog, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Organisations experienced a 435% increase in ransomware in 2022, and the World Economic Forum’s cybersecurity report states that 95% of cyber incidents can be traced back to human errors. So how can organisations prepare themselves for cyberattacks, and what does a people-centred approach to cyber-resilience look like?

23rd February 2024
Speaker: Valeria Cirillo, University of Bari

The Introduction of Industry 4.0 technologies opens up a new space of action for trades unions in influencing decision-making at firm level. This webinar will shed light on the role and influence of trade unions on the adoption of new technologies, drawing on evidence from the engineering and automotive industrial district on the outskirts of Bologna.

26th January 2024
Speaker: Hajo Holst, Universität Osnabrück, Germany

The webinar looks into current developments in the German automotive industry. How is the ongoing dual transformation of decarbonisation and digitalisation impacting workplace innovation for shopfloor workers?


24 November 2023
Speaker: Peter Oeij – TNO, The Netherlands

Peter Oeij presented his vision on ‘workplace innovation’ and the recently published book ‘Workplace innovation: the challenge of disruptive transitions’.

27 October 2023
Speaker: Ségolène Journoud & Karine Babule (Anact, France)

At a time of ecological, economic and societal transitions, it is more important than ever to place work at the heart of social and professional dialogue. ANACT, the French National Agency for the Improvement of Working Conditions, has been acting for 50 years to improve the quality of working life through a concerted approach to changes in the workplace. Today, the agency continues to help companies and public organisations to cope with professional transitions with innovative methods and tools designed on the basis of pilot projects. In this webinar, we will focus on its gender mainstreaming approach, which enables companies to take into account the different work situations of women and men in order to integrate equality issues into organisational transitions, such as the introduction of hybrid work.

Ségolène JOURNOUD and Karine BABULE are in charge with international projects at Anact, helping companies improve their quality of working life.

29 September 2023
Speaker: Steven Dhondt TNO, NL

The EUWIN network has been a loyal follower of the results of the European H2020 Beyond4.0 project. That project ended in March. The project has produced interesting results that support EUWIN’s thinking. One of the particular results is that companies that strengthen their ‘learning capacity’ perform better economically and socially as a result. Both the company and the employee benefit from such a strategy. The project produced even more interesting results. Steven Dhondt, as coordinator of the project, provides an overview of the main results in this webinar and outlines how EUWIN and the Bridges 5.0 project can benefit from them.

Steven Dhondt is fascinated by how workers and companies can find a common ground to improve performance. His research and actions are focused on understanding this topic.