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Bridges 5.0 Newsletter Archive

Bridges 5.0 Newsletter no. 5

A new phase

May 2024

The build-up phase of Bridges 5.0 is coming to an end and the heavy-duty lifting in the project will start now.

Bridges 5.0 Newsletter no. 4

Building a Movement

March 2024

Industry 5.0 is a growing movement, and along with other EU Horizon projects, BRIDGES 5.0 is playing a key role in driving it forward.

Bridges 5.0 Newsletter no. 3

Bridges 5.0 is already making an impact

December 2023

Moving towards a stronger, fairer and more sustainable European economy.

Bridges 5.0 Newsletter no. 2

Innovation as a collaborative effort

September 2023

Innovation is sometimes seen as an individualistic act. An inventor works in a secluded environment on their ideas and then surprises the world. Such a role is viewed as a privilege.

Bridges 5.0 Newsletter no. 1

Introducing Bridges 5.0!

June 2023

Bridges 5.0 is an exciting new project funded under the European Commission’s Horizon Programme.