Work, Skill, and ‘the human’ at the Centre of Industry 5.0.

Work, Skill, and ‘the human’ at the Centre of Industry 5.0.

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Work, Skill, and ‘the human’ at the Centre of Industry 5.0.

May 31 @ 10:00 11:00 BST

This event is free to attend.


This is a webinar and it will be delivered via Zoom. This webinar is part of the EUWIN and Bridges 5.0 programme of events.

This webinar will consider what it means to put the human at the heart of Industry 5.0 and why it has been so hard to move innovation beyond the 19th century paradigm of techno-centrism. Realising the strategic advantages of Industry 5.0 requires organizations to understand what makes work human, and what is distinctively human about work: skill and skilful practice. As well as making work meaningful, skilful practice can be a powerful source of innovation but too often managers misrecognise skill, undervaluing employees. Realising the benefits of Industry 5.0 will require an ‘upskilling’ of management to move beyond an efficiency paradigm to recognise, reward and develop the skills that matter strategically today.

Chris Land is a Professor of Work and Organization at Anglia Ruskin University and director of the Centre for Research into the Organization of Work and Consumption. His research is concerned primarily with work, how work is changing, and how it intersects with technology, consumption and culture. His current focus is on ‘the future of work’ as imagined in science-fiction, high-tech engineering and ‘Industry 5.0’ in practice and in academic and policy discourses. Other projects include: the quality of work in neo-craft industries like craft brewing; wellbeing and its intersection with work; the position of coffee growers in global commodity chains.

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EUWIN (the European Workplace Innovation Network) is a community of researchers and practitioners from business, public policy, research and social partner organisations. Its remit is to promote workplace practices that lead to simultaneous improvements in organisational performance and quality of working life for employees. First established by the European Commission in 2013, EUWIN is now funded and managed by a network of international partners.

Bridging human & digital potential. Bridges 5.0 creates a unique consortium based on active collaboration between researchers, 8 EU industrial companies, 9 Industry 4.0 ecosystems, and the main EU social partners.

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