GI-NI Webinar: Reducing Inequality from Automation?

GI-NI Webinar: Reducing Inequality from Automation?

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GI-NI Webinar: Reducing Inequality from Automation?

April 26 @ 12:00 13:00 BST

This event is free to attend.

Explore how automation impacts job markets and what this means for inequality in employment opportunities. This webinar will provide valuable insights into the dynamics of occupational networks and technological advancements including AI.

Even though automation does not cause mass unemployment for the economy as a whole, recent research shows that automation creates winners and losers from automation in the labour market. Joblessness is an important dimension how certain workers lose out in the short run, causing inequality in job finding. Based on data from Flanders, Belgium, we explore the capacity for certain displaced workers to adjust more easily to automation because they have alternative occupations available to them. We analyse whether this depends on the type of technology, including exposure to AI. Our insights can aid public employment services that want to provide helpful information to job seekers affected by automation

Join the session featuring:

  • Emilie Rademakers from Utrecht University (Netherlands) as the speaker
  • Laura Nurski of CEPS (Belgium) offering her thoughts as the discussant
  • Cinzia Alcidi, also from CEPS (Belgium), steering the conversation as the moderator
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