Doris Schartinger
Austrian Institute of Technology

Doris Schartinger

Please describe yourself in three words

Economist. Mother. Colleague.

How would you summarise what you do for a living?

I work on applied research projects around innovation and change more generally.

What is your job title?


Did you ever think life would take you down this path?

Never. I thought I would do this for two, three years and then move on to something serious.

Please identify two or three career highlights

Opening my mailbox in the morning and finding the message “You’ve got one more read.” Isn’t that an impact?

No, of course: exciting projects that were won and met expectations, joining international networks of interesting people, working with great co-authors on nice papers.

What would you have been if you career hadn’t led you here?


What’s the best thing about your job?

  • It is versatile by nature, changes in the three/four-year project rhythm, rarely routine, never boring.
  • Structuring complex tasks and topics.
  • Writing as an analytical and creative activity.

How do you spend your leisure time?

Reading and hiking, clearly. Never on my mobile phone. And actually a significant time stuck in Vienna public transport.

What makes you happy?

Sitting with a cup of coffee while watching a lake or ocean. Family around the corner, asleep.

Tell me something about yourself that would surprise your colleagues

I might like Dutch food.

Finally, please tell me something about your background

I am 52, married, mother of two teenage daughters. Born and raised in Linz/Austria, settled in Vienna for more than half my life.

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