Steven Dhondt
TNO, Project Leader

Over two days in January, more than thirty participants met to plan the project’s first steps, and we were even visited by the European Commission to discuss the importance of Industry 5.0 for Europe’s businesses, workers and wider society. Half of the group then went on to visit the Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven (Netherlands), exploring Industry 5.0 in action.

Bridges 5.0 has been a great opportunity to grow our network with new partners. At the end of March, we also met for the first time the six members of the Scientific Advisory Board, the eight members of the Company Board and the twenty members of the Stakeholder Board. These meetings have led to fruitful discussions and an action agenda for the coming months. We are fast but need to keep our momentum going.

Most of the Bridges 5.0 partnership also participated in the H2020 Beyond 4.0 Final Conference where we heard the European Commission name Bridges 5.0 as one of their “Lighthouse Projects”. We are in the limelight! So we are already making an impact, even if we have not communicated any results to the outside world.

Bridges 5.0 also presented itself to the Hannover Messe, the home of Industrie 4.0. We participated in international discussions in Paris during the Transval-EU workshop, and will be present at a Scientific Fair in Italy on Industry 4.0.

In September, Bridges 5.0 will participate in a European-wide conference, together with an invitation to speak in two workshops at the 2023 Forum on Vocational Excellence in Amsterdam. In October, we are invited to pr­­­esent our plans to the largest industrial trade union in Europe, IndustriAll, during an event in Copenhagen (Denmark).

Our proposals are therefore already in great demand even before they are prepared, and we certainly need to focus on bringing our ideas to the forefront.

Two major deliverables have been filed on the EU Portal (D9.1 and D9.2). The least we can say from the project management side is that we are proud to have such an engaged team. Keep up the good work!

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