Steven Dhondt

The build-up phase of Bridges 5.0 is coming to an end and the heavy-duty lifting in the project will start now.

Our partners, the LMS and TKNIKA teams, have laid the foundation for thorough action-based research in several companies, involving a process detailed negotiations. We are excited to see how the Teaching and Learning Factories interventions will develop.

Our data analysis is also coming along nicely. CNAM has organised a research team to conduct European and national-level analyses of the change to Industry 5.0 in Europe. And the IER team at Warwick University has used machine learning and large language models to understand how Industry 5.0 is manifested in company vacancies. The initial analysis reveals valuable insights into the organisational choices made by companies in the introduction of digital technologies, guiding our team towards delivery of the innovations we promised.

The coming year will show a constant stream of research results which we will be delighted to share with you. Follow our website and our social media to see these latest results. I am sure you will find guidance to help your own organisation make the much-needed changeover to Industry 5.0.

Happy reading!

Steven Dhondt

Bridges 5.0 collaborations

The project team set out to collaborate with as many other EU research projects focused on Industry 5.0 as possible. From the outset we have worked together with the UpSkill project, exchanging results, presenting at each other’s conferences, and working with each other’s social media.

Bridges 5.0 has been especially active in the European Commission’s Industry 5.0 Community of Practice (CoP5.0), a focal point for sharing best practices and contributing to the development of an Industry 5.0 ecosystem.

At the end of May (2024), we will be working with AI Redgio, CoP5.0, Prospects 5.0, Seismec, Sure 5.0 and several other projects at a stakeholder event in Brussels. We will also be present during the SPIRE-SAIS Final Conference organised by the Technical University of Dortmund (TUDO), a good opportunity to pick-up on the project’s legacy.

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